Busy Busy Busy

Hi again!

Sorry I was gone for so long, I have just been very busy which I know isn’t a very good excuse but oh well, get over it.

Right now I am taking a well deserved break from studying for my Christmas tests. I HATE STUDYING. It makes me want to dig a hole, jump in it and hibernate for two weeks just so I don’t have to do the Christmas tests. So far today I have studied Religion (ugh) and Irish (double ughhh). Still geography and CSPE (Civic Social Political Education) to go, but I might not do CSPE today as it’s not too long of a subject to study so I think I’ll be fine. I guess the one good thing about this situation is that this year my Christmas tests aren’t as close to Christmas as other schools in my area so after them, all I have to focus on is actual Christmas. YAYYYYYY!!!

My Top Tips For Studying and not Procrastinating:

1.Record yourself studying using Voice Memo so you can listen to your notes as you’re falling asleep, on car journeys, etc. (Warning: May get sick of your own voice as it could make you cringe to death to hear how squeaky and annoying you think you sound)

2.Put all of your devices, or gadgets as my mam likes to call them, on airplane mode so you don’t get distracted by your Friends on Snapchat or Instagram. Taylor Swift doesn’t exactly need your like right now, she can wait.

3.Pick a quiet, isolated room to study so you don’t get distracted by things around you, eg. your bedroom, dining room, etc. Or you could just go to the library but who’s bothered, right?

4.Have your parent/gaurdian or older sibling write out a test for you using your notes or, as an alternative if no one is able to do this, use a website online eg. etests.ie . These types of websites you can usually just look up the book you use in class, search for the particular chapter you are on and just take the test. If you don’t do too well, then you’ll know to study some more. Easy Peasy!

Hope you all are doing well (when I say you all I mean maybe 3 readers but whatevs),

Write soon,

Sorcha xx


In The Beginning


I’m Sorcha and this is my first blogpost. I decided to start a blog because I want to share my opinion on many different things including beauty, fashion, food and fitness.

This blog will be filled with reviews, DIY’s, tutorials and anything I see that I like. I’m not sure how often I’ll post but it will be based on when  have time because I am quite busy with school, sports and activities.

I hope you will come back for more of my (probably) useless opinions and advice as I am not an expert in anything (except pizza eating, when it comes to that I’m a pro).

Write soon, Sorcha 🙂